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Ippostrade Serbia Harmnija ranc

KK Lastin Put

The forerunner OF ranch Harmony is the KK Lastin Put, which we founded in 2011, based in Belgrade. The original aim of the ranch was the accommodation and raising of our racing horses, but now we are also engaged in breeding thorobred and halfbred throats.
The results so far indicate a lot of effort and enthusiasm, and new goals are always ahead of us.

Founders of K.K Lastin put:

Vesna Ranković d.i.g

Osnivač i većinski vlasnik preduzeća OSTROG d.o.o

Predsednik K.K Lastin put

Vladan Damjanović


Daniela Sarić d.i.g

takodje osnivač OSTROG d.o.o iz Beograda

Dr Branka Čabraja

Lekar specijalista pulmolog

Vlasnik SSPO iz Beograda

Nikola Sarić
ekonomista preduzeća
OSTROG d.o.o
iz Beograda

Advokat Zoran Ilić

iz Beograda

Ranije direktor zoo vrta Beograd

Ivana Ilić FDU

Iz Beograda

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