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Ippostrade Serbia Harmnija ranc

Crosscountry riding

Sceneries surrounding our ranch make an ideal place for crosscountry riding tours.Ride trough river Gradac or one of the 4 mountains surrounding us on one of our calm,trained horses.Tracks vary from narrow woodland dirtroads, to wide mountain top fields  covered in flowers and rare mountain froots.We make personalized tours according to riders level of skill and do our best to fullfill your ideas.

Riding tours vary from 30 to 40 km of different riding paces a day.We love to take a lunch brake at an old river mill-guesthouse.

River trail

Fresh water trout,cought and prepared just for you.Homemade bread made out of ogranic grains in a traditional water-mill and a table by the river.This ride takes about 6 hours including a lunch brake.It covers tracks of mid-dificulty and is filled with exicting places and must see locations.A good riding proposal to get acquainted with the surrounding

Pleaces near us

Brangovic breeding pastures
Gradac spring
River Gradac
Monastery Lelić
Watermill restaurant
Rozanj mountain
Belic, ranc
Povlen mountaun
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